Reorganisation Application for a Wairarapa Unitary Authority 
21 May 2013

To:      Local Government Commission
From:  Masterton, Carterton & South Wairarapa District Councils


 Table of Contents
 1. Persons making this application
 2. Description of proposed changes
 3. Explanation of what proposed changes seek to achieve
 4. Description of potential improvements
 5. Community support for application
 6. Viability assessment
 7. Capacity and capability of a Wairarapa unitary authority
 8. Other matters relevant to proposal



        Pg 1-63

       Appendix A: Key statistics
       Appendix B: References and related documents
       Appendix C: Summary of consultation by Wairarapa Governance Review Working 
                            Party - August 2011 to 18 March 2013
       Appendix D: Wairarapa 'Make Your Voice Heard' consultation leaflet
       Appendix E: Summary of response to Wairarapa councils’ request for feedback on 
                            their preferred option of a Wairarapa unitary authority

 Pg 64-87

      Appendix F:  Letter from Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated
      Appendix G:  Letter of support from Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa - Tamaki Nui a 
                            Rua Trust
      Appendix H:  Email supporting Wairarapa unitary authority from Motuwairaka Marae
      Appendix I:   Notes of Meeting with Hurunui o Rangi Marae representatives 1 March 
      Appendix J:  Letters of support from Tararua District Council

 Pg 88-98

       Appendix K: Letter of support from Owahanga Station and Aohanga Incorporation
       Appendix L:  Letter from Horizons Regional Council
       Appendix M: Letter from Wellington City Council
       Appendix N: Letter of support from Hutt City Council
       Appendix O: Letter of support from Upper Hutt City Council
       Appendix P: Letter from Greater Wellington Regional Council on position
       Appendix Q: Email from Mayor, Porirua City Council, stating position
       Appendix R: Speech - Minister for Environment, Hon. Amy Adams, 28 February 2013
       Appendix S: Letter from Minister for Primary Industries confirming eligibility for 
                            Irrigation Acceleration Fund
       Appendix T: Editorial, Wairarapa Times, 30 April 2013

 Pg 99-116



1. A strategic, economic and financial viability assessment of a Wairarapa unitary authority, 8 April 2013:  MartinJenkins - Assessment of the viability of a Wairarapa unitary authority

    1. Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Assessment of MartinJenkins report on a Wairarapa Unitary Authority
    2. MartinJenkins letter dated 3 May 2013 in response to GWRC analysis of the MartinJenkins viability assessment

2. Investigation into the formation of an Amalgamated Wairarapa District council and a Wairarapa Unitary Authority, Morrison Low Phase Three Report, September 2012: Morrison Low Phase Three Report 

3. Results of a Wellington region-wide public opinion survey, August 2012: Colmar Brunton Public Survey  

4. The results of Wairarapa-specific questions as part of the Colmar Brunton Survey, August 2012: Colmar Brunton Public Survey – Wairarapa Booster Module   

5. The full analysis of advantages, disadvantages and risks across all five options considered in the Morrison Low report, 15 May 2012: Morrison Low - assessment of options for joint management and service delivery

6. Central Government’s report entitled “Better Local Government”, March 2012: Better Local Government

7.Summary of submissions to the review of Wellington Region Governance, MartinJenkins 31 August 2011:  Submissions Analysis of Wellington Region Governance Review

8. Review by PricewaterhouseCoopers commissioned by the Wellington Mayoral Forum, October 2010: Wellington Region Councils Governance Review