Currently there are nine councils in the greater Wellington region – eight local councils (city and district councils) and the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Wairarapa is served by three district councils – Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa - and the Regional Council.  South Wairarapa also has three community boards that advocate on behalf of their local communities.

Wairarapa currently has a combined total of three mayors and 27 councillors who are elected every three years. It has one elected representative on the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

There are currently 12 elected community board members in South Wairarapa. 

Local councils and the regional council have different responsibilities

In Wairarapa local councils are responsible for positioning their communities for a prosperous future and for services such as:

  • Planning & consenting (eg District Plan rules for what can be built & where, issuing resource and building consents)
  • Maintaining roads & footpaths
  • Water – drinking water, waste water, water races & storm water
  • Parks, swimming pools, community centres, libraries, cemeteries
  • Rubbish collection
  • Dog control, liquor licences & food premises
  • Visitor attractions e.g. museums
  • Supporting events, tourism promotion & economic development

In Wairarapa the regional council
provides services that extend across local boundaries.  They include:

  • regulating use of natural resources - water, air, land
  • funding & managing Wairarapa’s rail & bus service
  • pest & plant control
  • building & maintaining flood protection works

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