Options for how councils might be organised have emerged as part of discussion and debate in the Wellington/Wairarapa region.   
The three Wairarapa district councils have talked extensively with their communities and other councils in Wellington about the options.

There are some important things to think about when considering the options.  These include how well local government would perform, how well it would represent its communities of interest and how well it can control costs.

Several independent studies have investigated local government reform in the region and described possible options. They can be found here.

Early in 2012, Wairarapa councils commissioned an independent high-level study on how local government could best serve Wairarapa in future.  The study assessed different options against the following criteria:

  • affordability
  • ability to deliver & operate good quality infrastructure & services at lowest cost
  • ability to deliver and apply a well-organised planning framework
  • fairness of representation
  • transparent governance
  • risk management
  • ability to deliver well-being
  • good local government 

The study found that the most effective and efficient arrangement for Wairarapa is likely to be a single Wairarapa district council or a Wairarapa council responsible for both district and regional functions.

A report that analysed the financial implications of these two options can be found here.