Make your voice heard  

The shape of local government in NZ is changing.  The debate about the future of local representation and democracy across the wider Wellington region - including Wairarapa - is well underway.

Two things are clear - change is almost certain, and Wairarapa communities need to be involved in shaping their own future, otherwise it will be decided for them. New law now makes it easier for councils to reorganise.
This website has been set up to provide information about one of the most important issues to affect your region in recent years, and the foreseeable future.  We encourage and welcome your feedback and questions.

Key questions to think about:

Option 1  Decision-making & control within Wairarapa? or
Option 2  Centralised decision-making in Wellington?

Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa district councils completed a joint consultation on these questions in February 2013. Thanks to the 1150+ people who provided feedback.  Read more about the responses here

Read more about the two options here …and what other councils are suggesting here